Our Staff

We have an abundantly experienced staff that have been teaching and loving children for many years. Below are introductions to our director, and lead teachers for each class. There are secondary teachers and floating staff that are not listed below. 
Tina Robinson - Director
Pam McBride -
4-5 Year Olds
Lindsey Downer - 
3 Year Olds

Tina Robinson, our gifted director, has been serving the community at Trinity for over ten years. 


She has her Early Childhood credentials and additionally is a CNA. 


Tina has a love for children that is hard to parallel. She goes above and beyond to create a loving, safe, educationally intentional and fun environment for all of the children at Trinity's Preschool. We are truly blessed to have her leading our team. 


Tina has been married for 31 years and has 4 sons. 


Mrs. Pam has been a part of our team for 20 years and continues to impress our students and parents alike with her kindness and creativity. 


Pam is a member at Biltmore Baptist and attends there with her husband and 3 children. 


She utilizes her degree in Home Economics by doing incredible crafts and baking activities with her class on a regular basis. 


As the lead teacher in our oldest classroom, she could aptly be described as "the grand finale!" 

Ms. Lindsey has been a consistent and loving face in the lives of our three-year-olds for over a year.


She came to Trinity during college and has continued to make her class schedule at Mars Hill work around her time spent teaching. She has her associate's degree in Early Education and plans to complete her bachelor's in 2018.


Lindsey has a demeanor that is a perfect fit for the age she teaches. She is calm, knowledgeable, perceptive, and loving. She knows when to direct situations, and when to let the children work things out on their own. 


Lindsey is nothing short of an asset to our team. 

Nancy Dowell - 
Betty Wilson - 

Mrs. Nancy has been loving on Trinity's children for over nine years! She is married and has three children of her own. 


Nancy goes above and beyond to keep our new walkers safe, happy, well-rested and fed. This age is always on the move, and Mrs. Nancy is always a step ahead. 



There truly is no friendlier face to see when you're dropping off your infant than that of Mrs. Betty's. 


Her smile has been getting parents for over 7 years and she is a seasoned caregiver with two daughters and two granddaughters of her own. 


Mrs. Betty is gentle, kind, and patient. Her natural ease is contagious - a wonderful attribute to have when soothing the littlest "students" in our school. 


The babies seem *almost* as excited to see Mrs. Betty in the mornings as she is to see them.